Report on a typical family situation in Bulgaria

The aim of this report is to describe the typical family situation in Bulgaria today, and to outline the major changes that have occurred in relation to the family over the last 25 years. It will consider the reasons for these changes and summarise how they have affected the role of the family unit in society.

The family today and the family 25 years ago
Typically, the family today consists of three members – a mother, a father and a child. By comparison with the family size 25 years ago, when women gave birth to more than three and four children, it must be mentioned that the proportion had fallen twice. This could be connected with the question why the number of generations under one roof is decreasing, compared with 25 years ago, when that number surpass more than two even three generations. Also, it could not be mentioned that nowadays women can decide whom and when to marry. In these days couples are tending to marry at the age of 25 (for women) and 30 (for men), which leads us to the conclusion that the age of 15 (for women) and 18 (for men) is not the perfect for marriage, as it was 25 years ago.
Reasons for the changes
It seems that the decrease of the family members may be a result of low natality (birth – rate) and financial premises. Nowadays people know that it is impossible to bring up a child without money. Also people have the opportunities to live separate from their parents, which make the more independent and responsible. It appears that the number of marriages decreases, because women are tending to be more independent, compared with 25 years ago. In these days they have the ability to take (make) important decisions, like getting a job for example. This could be a result of the philosophy of the modern times. The majority of people have the opportunity to choose their fate and their way of thinking.