Lifestyle trends in my country

The aim of this article is to describe the typical homes, labour – saving devices,
design and home entertainment in Bulgaria and to outline the major changes that are going to happen in the next 50 years.

Life of the future
First of all, most people will leave alone or more men will choose to become househusbands while their wives go out to work. Secondly people will employ servants in their homes so that they can concentrate on their careers. Maybe the majority of people will retire at 40.
I would like to point out that there will be a big increase in the number of people who choose to work from home. Reason for that can be the computer – everyone is able to shop, work, study from home. As a result, there will be no traffic congestion. Also travelling and communications may be facilitated - there might well be trips into space for tourists.

Homes of the future
I supppose homes now will be very funny and unpractical for the next generations.
In the 21st century people have been noticed, that the land, which can be build - up is not enough. I very much hope that in future that problem will be solved. For example buildings and roads could be build in the air, where is enough space, or the buildings could be much higher. They could look like small boxes, which are big enough inside – they should be small, but comfortable. As families get smaller, houses are likely to get smaller.

Labour – saving devices
I would be very grateful if scientists invent all kind of labour – saving devices. Instead of servants there will be home robots, which are going to do everything – washing, dusting, cleaning, mopping the floor etc. People 50 years were working hard and domestic obligations were more than now. More help around the house means more time to relax.

Some people think that technics development is not good and makes people lazy. Of course there are people with the opposite opinion, who want an easy life. Modern times offer variety, which could be an advantige or disadvantage for different kind of people.