Safety and security in the College

The aim of this report is to describe the safety and security problems in the college and some ways of preventing them. It is based on a newspaper article and a memo from the caretaker of the college.

Safety and Security in the College
Many students are concerned about their safety in the area of the college. For the last two years there were a number of break – ins. Students complain about missing computer equipment and lost files. Another cause for concern is missing keys from the rooms.

Many accidents are caused by coffee spilt on floor. Also litter bins have been disappeared. The caretaker is concerned for the identify cards – students are not carrying them always. Also in his memo is mentioned the problem with the exits and the entrances in the college – they are too many.

What we can do about it?

To improve security in th?e college, we must take some preventive measures. First of all we could chain computers to desks and employ security guards. Also the carrying of Identify cards should be (made) compulsory for students. As an additional security measure you should consider installing video cameras in the college and in front of the entrances and exits. A solution for the missing keys could be making a new system, which involves people, who are keeping them. Furthermore the problem with the litter bins could be solved (by) if they are replaced (replacing them). Also should be hired more cleaners in the cafeteria, or there should have a restrict to it.