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45th November 2005

Dear Sir,

In response to your advertisement in CAPITAL weekly I would like to apply for the vacant position as TOUR LEADER, because I feel It correspondonds exactly to my qualifications and career goals.

During my work experience so far I have been given assignments with increased scope of responsibilities through I have been able to master my organizational, managerial and communication skills. I have been developing  the abilities to quickly retrieve information and to get along with people  from various backgrounds. This is why I believe that I will be able to meet the high profesissional standarts required by your organization.

I would appreciate it if you could send me further details about the position. I learned, from your advertisement, that the study tours are for students, aged 18 – 15, but also I want to know where are the students from and where the tours are going to be organized. Because of the specific character of the work I would like to know if the languages, you require, are definite. Furthermore it is important for me to know which months I need to be in the head office in London, and when and in which countries I will be working after that. Also I am interested in the exact salary.

I am young and ambitious person, fast learning and high motivated. I would like to obtain a position that will give me the opportunity to utilize my skills.

I enclose my curriculum vitae with full details of my previous expirience and education. I would really appreciate if you appoint me an interview at any time of your convience.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,