Daily mirror                                                                                                        26 Onslow Road
London WIA 7CC                                                                                               Oxford 3BZ        
20 Reed Avenue                                                                                                07 October 2005    
Dear Sir or Madam,

I have seen Your advertisement in the magazine "Daily mirror", offering "Crazee 4 you" package. I am writing this letter, because I am sure You can help me to overcome an unpleasant situiation, caused by my purchase of the package.

Three weeks ago I bought the package, thinking that is the perfect gift for my nine-year-old sister. I thought that I made the right choice, until the day she told me that she has already seen the video on TV last week. I was very surprised, because the package was described as "exclusive" in Your advert. Secondly some of  the "top - quality photographs", were really fuzzy black and white. Also my sister is waiting two weeks already for the free membership in the fan club.

In the end, the offer came with money-back guarantee, but the shop assistant refused to give money back for the video. If you are not able to make me a refund, then perhaps you could send me gift vouchersw to the same value as the present.

 I`m sure that you`ll make everything possible to satisfy my request and compensate my sister`s disapointment. I am looking forward to your answer.

Your faithfully,