Surveillance cameras – pros and cons

Although we are living in 21st century, surveillance cameras in companies, shops, streets etc., are not so common in Bulgaria. What are the true reasons for that? Maybe people think thaqt privacy and freedom are more important, instead of the nervous look of the “big eye” in the corner of the room.

Why people are so nervous when they see an inscription that the “object is under surveillance“? Maybe because they think that they are doing something wrong and they don`t want to be noticed from other people. Or maybe because it is very unpleasant to know that somebody is watching you all the time. For example, one year ago, my boss wanted to put cameras in the office, and we refused. Why? Because we prefer a man (invigilator or door – keeper) to keep us under eye, instead of the camera. Maybe we are very intimidated of the new technical resources.

Like everything, surveilling by camera has advantages and disadvantages. One of the indisputable sides is that when the “object is under surveillance”, we know that we are safe, and if something is going to happen, we will be rescued. For example, last year I went to one shop to buy ciggarettes. I was just to pay, when a couple of guys pull out a gun infront of the cashier. It seems that they were making a robbery, and the situation was hopeless. However, I noticed that the shop is under surveillance and in that minute, there were two police cars infront of the shop.

So, I can`t deplete the reasons, the advantages and disadvanatges of the surveillance cameras. It is your choice, or in my case – my boss choice. However, I think that more and more people will have the habit to be watched all the time. Maybe the reason for inventing cameras is the mistrust among people. Should we think about that?