The aim of this report is to describe Herrington Adventure CCentre, to give more specific information about it and to recommend it to future course participants.

What the Centre offers
The aim of the courses is to develop practical skills and the ability to deal with difficult situations. As well as providing excellent facilities for students` preferred activities like sailing, hang gliding, rock climbing and orienteering, the Centre also has good social life - discotheque and video films. Also the Centre boasts a gymnasium. There is no swimming pool, but the swimming is possible in Herrington Bay.

Advice for future participants
Students must be experienced in their chosen activity and must be fit. Bedding is provided, but It`s recommended to bring own sleeping bag (for camping trips). Approachable clothing is lightweight adventure (clothing), waterproofs and at least one warm sweater. Of course, specialist equipment is available from the Centre.  Other points that participants should consider are the safety precautions. There has been an incident this year -  five students left on their own initiative and had taken the canoes without permission. They were rescued from the storm and now recovering in hospital.

Despite the unfortunate incident this year, I would recommend the Herrington Centre. As long as the basic safety precautions are observed, there should be no accidents. No matter how expirienced a participant may feel, they mustn`t take risks on their own initiative. The college should consider to improve its contacts with the Centre and to send more students in such summer adventures.