Dear Francesca,

After taking my leaving exams, I decided to share my room with somebody. For first time of my life I thought it would be very funny. Now I have a big problem with my roommate – he isn`t doing his share of the work at all. I am sure that you will help me because you have had plenty of expirience.

First of all he never does the hoovering in his room neither in the lounge. Of course dusting the furniture or mopping the kitchen floor is dirty job for him. He thinks that I am his mother and I am bound to do all the domestic obligations. Maybe It was a better idea to take a girl for a roommate, but I had not expirience at all. Now I have – for sure!

After making him a thousand remarks, he keep leaving his dirty dishes in the sink! The washing up I always left to me! Not to mention that he always leave the food in the fridge opened and every kind of liquid spill around, and of course, he never cleans the fridge. Did not his parents ever train him how to clear up? I`m sure they are to blame for all this. And I wish he`d be a bit more considerate about noise. He plays loud music always when I need to work He just can`t be quiet, even first thing in the morning. I think you gueassed, that the situation is hopeless.

What on earth can I do to get him to be more considerate? What are your words of wisdom? I hope you will give me approriate example how to cope with him.

Best regards,